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Master of Social Work


Applicants for Master of Social Work programme must pass an interview and/or a psychology test. Students without Bachelor in Social Work degree or grade less than B are compulsory to enroll and pass the following pre-requisite courses with at least a B grade:

i) SSWA1053 Foundations of Social Work Practice
ii) SSWY1043 Human Behavior in the Social Environment


The Master of Social Work programme is offered by coursework. Students are required to complete 46 credit hours, which comprise the following:

Core Courses (19 credit hours)
SSWA5023 Advanced Social Work Theory and Practice
SSWA5213 Crisis Intervention and Disaster Management
SSWT5013 Social Work and Welfare Services in Asia
SSWT5023 Social Work Ethics, Values and Spirituality
SSWT5033 Policy Planning and Analysis
SZRZ6014 Research Methodology

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)
Students may choose any three (3) courses from one of the specialization areas or any three (3) courses without specialization from the courses offered as a generic area. The courses are listed below:

a) Family and Community
SSWA5113 Contemporary Social Work with Children and Adolescents
SSWA5123 Interpersonal Practice with the Family
SSWA5133 Advanced Social Work Practice with Adults and the Elderly
SSWA5163 School Social Work Services
SSWA5183 Social Work with Marginalized Groups

b) Social Enterprise and Administration
SSWA5153 Community Work in Social Work Practice
SSWS5113 Crime and the Criminal Justice System
SSWT5043 Managing Human Service Organizations
SSWT5143 Advocacy in Social Work Practice
SSWT5153 Program Evaluation in Social Services

c) Health and Mental Health
SSWA5143 Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings
SSWA5173 Psychopathology in Social Work Practice
SSWA5193 Social Work Practice and Substance Abuse
SSWA5203 Social Work Practice with People Living with HIV/AIDS

Project Paper (6 credit hours)
SSWZ 6996 Project Paper

Practicum (12 credit hours)
SSWX59912 Practicum

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