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Student Accommodation Centre (SAC)

Student Accommodation Centre (SAC) provides good quality accommodation to local and international students.

SAC manages Student Residential Halls (INASIS) for students, students with families and students with special needs. Each residential hall has its own facilities for students. There are common rooms, a cafeteria, laundry facilities, shops, recreation and sports facilities. 

In addition, SAC also manages on campus bus services.


  1. Inasis MAS & TNB 
  2. Inasis Proton & Tradewinds 
  3. Inasis Petronas
  4. Inasis TM & Grantt 
  5. Inasis MISC & BSN 
  6. Inasis YAB & Muamalat 
  7. Inasis Bank Rakyat
  8. Inasis SME Bank
  9. Inasis Maybank