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The University's Mace

The University`s Mace was handed over by His Royal Highness the King of Malaysia through the Minister of Education at Bukit Serena Palace, Johor Bharu on 14 July 1988.


The simple design symbolizes the agility and dynamism in the implementation of Universiti Utara Malaysia activities.


The Universiti Utara Malaysia mace comprises five parts.

The first part has five smooth surfaces symbolizing Islam and the Rukun Negara, and is shaped like a torch that is perpetually glowing thus symbolizing life. The five smooth surfaces are inscribed with the motifs below:

  • The insignia of the Malaysian Government
  • The logo of Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • The National flower
  • The Universiti Utara Malaysia name in calligraphy
  • The torch symbolising scholarship

The second part is shaped like a bowl. Its surface is decorated with rice grains that have just matured to symbolise ‘BUDI’ or virtue. On top of the bowl, there are three feathers which symbolise the quill of knowledge. The bowl is adorned with sapphires reflecting to the blue colour in the UUM logo.

The third part symbolises the staff of authority which is strong and is the basis of stability for the development of knowledge.

The fourth part, is the end of the staff. Here, there are three blades of the Jawa Demam Kris arranged in a triangular shape. The tips of the blades are all pointed towards one direction and symbolise unity in facing a situation.

The fifth part is shaped like a hemisphere and is symbolic of the University’s purpose. Its surface is adorned with Malay motifs.