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University Teaching and Learning Centre (UTLC)

The fundamental role of this centre is to plan, implement, evaluate and manage teaching and learning strategy. It assists academicians to improve their teaching and learning skills in cultivating the use of latest technology in support of University's growth.

Vision: To become a centre of excellence for training of learning and teaching in higher education.

Mission: To develop academics who are professional, skillful and competent in the use of effective teaching approaches and instructional technology.


  1. Plan, implement and evaluate workshops, lectures, courses, roadshows, and seminars that focus on teaching and learning according to Malaysia’s Education Development Plan (Higher Education).
  2. Implement the course evaluation for university’s academic programmes and report the achievement status.
  3. Report the achievement of UUM’s Strategic Plan with regards to Blended Learning, Open CourseWare (OCW), and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
  4. Manage the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) grant for UUM’s academic staff.
  5. Manage teaching portfolio and recognition for academic staff in teaching and learning at the UUM level.
  6. Cultivate the use of technology in teaching and learning according to Malaysia’s e-Learning Policy (DePAN).