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Cognizant of the fact that God will not change the destiny of a people until the people themselves endeavour to change it;

Appreciating that Malaysia has been blessed with a wealth of both human and natural resources;

Realising that both these resources must be garnered as best and as effectively as possible, and that the key to success is planning, management, monitoring, re-evaluation, and adherence to knowledge, science, and technology;

Convinced that humankind cannot subsist merely on material progress without humanitarian qualities, civility, and conviction of faith, and that natural sources cannot be allowed to be exploited to the extent of threatening human civilisation itself;

Universiti Utara Malaysia, thus, dedicates itself to the goal of producing graduates who have the ability and leadership qualities of high degree in planning and managing human and natural resources scientifically and creatively for the prosperity and peace of the people, harmony of the nation, and peace throughout the world.

The University resolves to foster excellence in scholarship, research, publication, and service to society especially in efforts to exploit human and natural resources efficiently.

Over and above this, the University aspires to produce well-rounded graduates with scholastic, social, and humanistic qualities, individuals who are well balanced in their make-up, always guided by sublime and noble values.

Towards achieving the above, the University, as well as its students and staff, will imbibe the values embodied in its motto: