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Master of Science (Strategic Studies)


Master of Science (Strategic Studies) is offered by coursework. Students have to fulfil at least 42 credit hours, which comprises the following structure:

Core Courses (20 credit hours)
GFPP5014 Strategic Philosophy and Thought
GFPP5024 Theories of International Relations
GFPP5034 The Evolution and Development of Strategic Studies
GFPP5044 Application of Strategic Theories in Leadership and Management
GFPP5334 Research Methodology for International Relations

Elective Courses (16 credit hours)
Choose any 4 courses from the following:
GFPP5064 Managerial Strategy and Approaches
GFPP5074 Strategic Models of Development
GFPP5214 Non-traditional Security Issues
GFPP5224 Contemporary Strategic Issues
GFPP5234 International Political Economy
GFPP5244 The Politics of International Law
GFPP5094 National Security Analysis
GFPP5384 Contemporary Malaysian Foreign Policy
GFPP5454 Principles and Issues in Propaganda and Persuasion in International Relations

Project Paper (6 credit hours)
GFPZ6996 Project Paper

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