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Master of Science (Decision Science)

The Master of Science (Decision Science) programme is designed to promote professional development of researchers, academicians and others who are involved in decision-making processes. The programme aims to produce postgraduates who possess in-depth knowledge and skills for scientific decision making; sufficient knowledge in integrating other field areas such as economy, management, humanities and others, as well as having in-depth knowledge in Quantitative or Decision Science; and able to apply the knowledge through research and other lifelong learning activities. Decision Science professionals are relevant in many fields such as manufacturing, marketing, banking, finance, logistics, healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, forestry, military, energy among others. The programme is offered in two modes, i.e. (A) Coursework and Dissertation and (B) Research.



Students must fulfil 40 credit hours which comprise 20 credit hours of coursework and 20 credit hours of dissertation as follows:

Core Courses (20 credit hours)
SQIT5013 Business Programming Using Visual Tools
SQIT5033 Business Intelligence and Analytics for Decision Support
SQQP5043 Simulation for Decision Making
SQQP6014 Operational Research
SQQP6023 Heuristic Techniques for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
SZRZ6014 Research Methodology

Dissertation (20 credit hours)
SQQP69920 Dissertation


Students are required to:

i. present and defend the proposed research to a committee;
ii. Present the progress report of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School / respective School;
iii. attend a viva voce session to defend the thesis; and
iv. submit a written thesis.

Students without sufficient research skills and knowledge are required to attend and pass the following courses with at least a B grade before being allowed to defend their proposal (i.e. within the first two semesters of their enrolment):

i. SZRZ6014 Research Methodology;
ii. SCLE6014 Academic Writing; and/or
iii. any other courses as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee.

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