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Master in Islamic Finance and Banking


Master in Islamic Finance and Banking is a 42-credit-hour programme that comprises the following courses:

Core Courses (24 credit hours)
BIEE5013 Islamic Economics
BIFF5063 Islamic Financial Markets, Instruments and Institutions
BISS5033 Deduction Method and Maqasid Shariah for Business
BPMN6023 Strategic Management
BPMN6073 Research Methodology
BWFF5013 Corporate Financial Management
BWSB5053 Contemporary Islamic Banking
BWSS5023 Islamic Financial Contracts and Maxims

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)
Choose any two (2) courses from the list below:

BIBB5043 Management and Governance of Islamic Banking
BIFF5053 Islamic Wealth Planning and Management
BWBB5023 Treasury Management in Financial Institutions
BWRR5043 Islamic Risk Management

Research Paper (12 credit hours)
BPMZ69912 Research Paper

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