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UUM ONLINE: Alor Setar - A total of RM677,456.70 in zakat contributed by the staff of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) was disbursed by the Kedah State Zakat Board (LZNK). This generous contribution will be utilised to support eligible underprivileged individuals.

The presentation of zakat distribution was carried out successfully by the Mufti of the State of Kedah, Dato' Syeikh Fadzil Awang, to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohd Foad Sakdan. This event took place at the Dato’ Shaikh Mahmood Naim Hall, Zakat Tower, and was witnessed by Dato’ Syeikh Zakaria Othman, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kedah State Zakat Board (LZNK).

Prof. Dr. Mohd Foad expressed his gratitude to both LZNK for the disbursement of the zakat and to all UUM staff who have diligently made zakat deductions from their salaries.

He stated that the zakat distribution will subsequently be distributed or disbursed to the asnaf, with a particular focus on eligible underprivileged staff and students.

"UUM consistently encourages its staff to make zakat contributions through salary deductions every month. Furthermore, it is suggested that staff consider increasing the amount of zakat deduction periodically, based on their financial capabilities," he said at a specially held ceremony for Business Zakat Presentation and Zakat Distribution with Corporate Companies.

UUM is among three institutions that have been allocated zakat funds disbursement through the wakalah scheme, alongside Universiti Teknologi MARA (RM218,070.39) and the Shariah Advisory Council of Takaful Malaysia (RM93,750).

Meanwhile, Syeikh Zakaria expressed his appreciation to 13 corporate companies for their generous contributions of business zakat totalling more than RM3 million. Additionally, he acknowledged three companies that received zakat distribution.

He also thanked all parties who have entrusted LZNK with the responsibility of distributing zakat in Kedah, especially for the designated underprivileged group.

"It is a great responsibility and trust, but I am confident that with the expertise of all involved parties, we can effectively address the needs of the underprivileged through LZNK as best as possible within the appropriate framework and context to ensure that they receive their rightful entitlements.

"We want to enhance the well-being of the poor by fostering collaboration among various agencies and companies by sharing resources to support the development of underprivileged communities in Kedah. We aspire for Kedah to become a state where the wealthy actively contribute, while the underprivileged find solace through the collective provision of sustenance," he said.

For the record, in 2022, LZNK successfully collected business zakat amounting to RM23 million, and as of early September 2023, they have received RM26 million for the year 2023.