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WhatsApp Image 2023 08 27 at 3.37.48 PMUUM ONLINE: Denizens of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) have been reminded to use social media platforms responsibly.

The Chairman of the UUM Board of Directors, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Shukor Mahfar, stated that in today's modern age and technological advancements, the use of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has become a crucial medium in shaping public perceptions and responses to government policies and actions.

He highlighted the fact that public officials are not exempted from being subjected to criticism and public scrutiny.

However, he also noted that some of them use social media to express sarcastic remarks and criticisms.

"Make use of social media wisely for intellectual growth and promoting good values. Public officials must uphold integrity and consistently strive to enhance productivity and work outcomes for the betterment of society.

"This can only be achieved if public officials are able to fully focus on the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them,“ he said during the University Innovation Day and Awards Ceremony (HIMPU) at EDC UUM.

During the event, a total of 207 UUM staff members were presented with the Excellent Service Award (APC), 15 received the Outstanding Staff Award, and 51 officials were honoured with awards for research, publications, teaching and learning, innovation, and quality (APIQ).

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohd Foad Sakdan, explained that the evaluation process used to determine recipients of the HIMPU awards. This evaluation is conducted based on the significance and relevance of the awards.

"I believe that each recipient deeply appreciates the acknowledgement given, as it carries significance and indirectly boosts the morale of all UUM denizens, encouraging them to continue serving with even greater excellence and dedication in the future.

“Furthermore, I encourage all UUM denizens to consistently strive to make meaningful contributions to society. We can achieve this through ongoing improvement efforts, whether from the aspects of the systems, regulations, work processes, or outcomes, ensuring that they truly benefit society," he stated.

APC recipient, Mr. Jamaat Alhaffis Mansor, expressed his gratitude for receiving the recognition for the second time.

He thanked the management of the university and HEPA management for continuously placing trust in him to serve the university.

According to the Administrative Officer from the Student Affairs Department, he first received the APC award in 2015.

During the ceremony, two new special awards were introduced for the first time – the Service Excellence Award (Anugerah Khidmat Bakti) presented to 25 staff members, and the Loyalty Award (Anugerah Taat Setia) given to 19 recipients.

Also present at HIMPU were members of the University Board of Directors and the University Management Committee, including the Registrar, Mr. Ahmad Rasidi Abdullah.