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3c49ea0b 55b9 417f 814e 67487876c340UUM ONLINE: The Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Prof. Dr Mohd Fo’ad Sakdan, extended an invitation to the UUM community to engage with the surrounding community.

Hence, according to him, it is essential to prioritise fostering of a sense of belonging to the UUM community, as this will foster a harmonious environment within the organisation and promote a spirit of camaraderie throughout the UUM Sintok campus.

“The close and harmonious relationship with the local community is essential to bridge any potential gaps and ensure that the community can fully benefit from the presence of UUM.

“The top management of UUM and I would like to convey our warmest wishes of ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir and Batin’ to all UUM denizens and members of the local community who so graciously attended the 2023 UUM Aidilfitri Silaturahim 2023 ceremony at the Foyer of the Sultanah Bahiyah Library, Thursday morning.

At the ceremony, which was also attended by members of the University's Management Committee, staff had the opportunity to engage in social interactions while enjoying an assortment of delectable dishes. The event featured approximately 48 stalls from various departments serving a variety of menus and delicious dishes.

Prof. Dr Mohd Fo'ad expressed hope that an event of this nature would facilitate an opportunity for the UUM denizens and the neighbouring community to foster a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and reinforce solidarity.

"Praise be to Allah for His abundant blessings, and may we all be a part of the group of people who express gratitude and receive acceptance for our practises during the month of Ramadan, which has just come to an end.

"The mood of Eidul Fitri is still fresh, the celebration of the month of Syawal is a representation and manifestation of the Malay community's culture in reinforcing pre-existing relationships," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Azam Arni Mohd Noor, from the Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC), described this occasion as a UUM tradition that takes place annually during the arrival of Syawal to commemorate triumph and convey appreciation together with the campus community.

During this gathering, staff and students met in-person to exchange greetings while perusing exquisitely decorated booths and sampling a variety of delectable treats, such as ‘rendang’,’ ketupat’, ‘lemang’, satay, fruits, sweets, ‘kuehs’, ‘laksa’, curry mee, and ‘apom balik’.

"I am very excited to see everyone coming in beautiful clothes with sweet smiles while being friendly, shaking hands, and making amends to their friends," he said.

"The ceremony becomes more enjoyable when it is accompanied by Raya songs that evoke nostalgia and remind people of the happiness associated with celebrating Hari Raya. I hope that this type of event will continue in the future," he said.

The arrival of Syawal is indeed always greeted with gratitude by people of all walks of life regardless of race and religion. Just look at the Raya celebration today, the warmth and excitement of Eidul Fitri can still be felt even though the month of Syawal is almost at the end.