School of Economics, Finance & Banking (SEFB)


Primarily established to develop and promote management education, UUM offers a number of academic programmes especially geared towards providing a broad spectrum of knowledge and intellectual skills in various management areas.

The School of Economics, Finance & Banking (SEFB) offers a solid, academic gateway for understanding how the world works. With all three distinct yet related areas, the study of the complex phenomena of economics, finance and banking may prove to be an ever-cherished life experience. At the undergraduate level, SEFB offers a range of optional modules which enable one to not only major in the core areas of economics, finance and banking, but also to minor in areas that best suit one’s career ambitions.

At the postgraduate level, SEFB offers a tremendous opportunity for one to pursue an advanced study in his or her core speciality within the diverse areas of economics, finance and banking. Coupled with a pool of experts with diverse expertise as well as good support facilities, SEFB provides a conducive environment for promoting research and development among its academic staff and postgraduate students. As a result, SEFB has managed to attract a sizable number of postgraduate students, both local and international, to pursue their master and doctoral studies.


School of Economics, Finance & Banking
College of Business,
Universiti Utara Malaysia,
06010 UUM Sintok, 
Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA. 

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