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Master of Science (Tourism Management) - Research


Master of Arts (International Relations), Master of Arts (Political Sciences), and Master of Arts (Sociology) and Master of Science (Tourism Management) are offered by research. Students have to successfully complete the following:

  1. Pass with at least a B grade the following pre-requisite courses during the first two (2) semesters of their enrolment (i.e. before being allowed to defend their thesis proposal):
    1. SZRZ6014 Research Methodology
    2. SCLE6014 Academic Writing
  2. Attend at least one (1) colloquium session;
  3. Defend a research proposal to a committee:
    1. Students must submit four (4) copies of their research proposal to the School/Graduate School at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposal defence session;
    2. The research proposal should cover the following topics:
      • Chapter 1 : Background of the Study, Problem Statement, Research Questions, Research Objectives, Scope of the Study, and Significance of the Study.
      • Chapter 2 : Literature Review
      • Chapter 3 : Research Methodology
        1. Research Framework
        2. Hypotheses/ Propositions Development
  4. Attend a viva voce session to defend the thesis; and
  5. Submit a written thesis.

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