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Master of Science (Operation Management) - Research


Students are required to:

  1. Register and pass two (2) pre-requisite courses, i.e. SZRZ6014 Research Methodology and SCLE6014 Academic Writing with at least a B grade before they can pursue their research work.
  2. Defend their proposal to a Committee, which comprises a chairperson and at least one examiner appointed by the School, as per requirement below:
    1. Students must submit two (2) copies of their research proposals to the School at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal defence session;
    2. The examiner(s) should provide written comments and recommend the status of the proposal at the end of the session;
    3. Students are required to make amendments based on the comments and suggestions given by the examiner(s); and
    4. The research proposal should comprise the following chapters:
      • Chapter 1 : Background of the Study, Problem Statement, Research Questions, Research Objectives, Scope of the Study, and Significance of the Study.
      • Chapter 2 : Literature Review
      • Chapter 3 : Research Methodology
        1. Research Framework
        2. Hypotheses/ Propositions Development
  3. Attend a viva voce session to defend their thesis, per requirement below:
    1. Upon approval from their supervisor(s), students should fill “The Intent to Submit Form (ITS)” and submit it to the School together with two (2) copies of the thesis;
    2. Students will be informed of the viva voce session by the School;
    3. Students have to pay the viva voce fee before the session takes place.
  4. Submit a written thesis:
    1. Students should make corrections with guidance from the supervisor(s) based on comments and suggestions given by the examiners during the viva voce session.
    2. Before binding the final thesis, students should obtain approval (or signature) from the School for certification of the thesis.
    3. The thesis should be prepared in three (3) copies (two in hard cover and one in loose copy), all of which are to be submitted to the School.

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