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Master of Science (Information and Communication Technology)


The Master of Science (Information and Communication Technology) programme is offered by coursework. Students are required to complete at least 41 credit hours, which comprises the following:

Core Courses (24 credit hours)
STIA5014 Principles and Techniques in Programming
STID5024 Database Application Development
STIJ5024 Internet Technology
STIK5014 Computer Systems and Networks
STIW5034 Information System Development
STIQ6014 Research Methodology in Computing

Elective Courses (8 credit hours)
Choose TWO (2) courses from the following list or any other courses approved by the Dean of School of Computing (SoC):

STID6014 IT Policy and Strategy
STID6034 E-Government & Managing ICT in Public Sector
STID6054 Seminar in Information Technology
STIJ6024 Information Security
STIJ6034 Network Management
STIJ6044 Mobile Internet Programming
STIJ6084 Forensic Computing
STIN6054 Web-based Intelligent System
STIN6064 Natural Language Computing
STIW6084 Interaction Design
STIW6014 Requirements Engineering
STIW6054 Usability Engineering

Project Paper (9 credit hours)
STIZ6999 Project in Computing

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