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Master of Business Management


Master of Business Management (MBM) is offered by coursework. Students are required to complete 42 credit hours which consist of 24 credits of Core Courses, 6 credits of Elective Courses, 6 credits of Internship Work Placement and 6 credits of Business Consultancy Project.

The programme structure is as follows:

Core Courses (24 Credit Hours)
OPMM6033 Fundamentals of Business Management and Sustainability
OPMH6023 Managerial Skills and Workplace Relationships
OPMM6053 Marketing in the Digital Era
OPME6043 High Growth Entrepreneurship, Venture Creation & Innovation
OPMM6043 Contemporary Strategy Analysis
OKMA6043 Contemporary Accounting and Finance for Non- Accountants
ODMR6023 Research Methods for Practitioners
OJMP6043 Operations and Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours)
Choose only 2 (TWO) Elective Courses:

OPMM6063 Global Business Management
OPMM6073 Halal Industry Management
OMMU6023 Business Ethics and Sustainability

Internship or Work Placement (6 Credit Hours)
ODMZ6996 Internship or Work Placement

Business Consultancy Project (6 Credit Hours)
ODMZ6146 Business Consultancy Project

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