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Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is offered by coursework. Students are required to complete 48 credit hours which consist of 36 credits of Core Courses, 6 credits of Elective Courses, and 6 credits of Project Paper.

The programme structure is as follows:

Core Courses (36 Credit Hours)
OJMP6013 Operation and Innovation Management
OKMA6013 Accounting for Managers
OPMM6013 Strategic Marketing
OPMM6023 Strategic Management
OPMH6013 Organizational Behaviour
OJMT6013 E-Business
OWFM6013 Corporate Finance
OMMU6013 Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainability
OEEM6013 Economics for Business
OQQP6013 Decision Making in Business
OPME6013 Innovation and New Venture Creation
ODMR6013 Business Research Methods

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours)
Choose 2 (TWO) Elective Courses from the following streams (subject areas):

1. Accounting
OKMA6023 Accounting Fraud And Forensic Investigation
OKMA6033 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

2. Islamic Banking and Finance
OWFF6013 Islamic Financial Markets, Instruments and Institution
OWFF6023 Contemporary Islamic Banking

3. Business Analytics
OJMT6023 Data Mining for Business Applications
OJMT6033 Data Visualization for Consumer Insights

4. Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
OPME6023 Entrepreneurship Development
OPME6033 Entrepreneurship and Strategy

5. Operation and Supply Chain Management
OJMP6023 Global Supply Chain Management
OJMP6033 Logistics Management

6. Human Resource Management
OPMH6023 Leadership in Organization
OPMH6033 Organizational Change Management

7. Communication and Business Negotiation
OCCC6013 Strategic Corporate Communication
OCCC6023 Communication for Managers

Project Paper (6 Credit Hours)
ODMZ6996 Project Paper

At the end of the programme, students are given three months to prepare a Project Paper addressing effectively a current business issue by implementing the newly acquired theories, methodologies and techniques. A senior member of academic staff will be assigned as a project supervisor/ mentor.

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