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Master of Arts in Nationhood Studies


Master of Arts in Nationhood Studies is offered by coursework. Students have to fulfil at least 42 credit hours which comprise the following courses:

Core Courses (24 credit hours)
GFPP5053 Governance and Civil Society
GFPP5063 Leadership and Statecraft
GFPP5073 Malaysian Constitutional and Legal History
GFPP5083 Nations and Nationalism
GFPP5093 National Security
GFPP5333 Research Methodology for International Relations
GFPP5363 Political Economy
GFPP5373 Ethics in Theory and Practice

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)
Choose any two (2) courses from the list below:

GFET5253 Institutional Economics
GFPP5103 Colonialism and Independence
GFPP5113 Communication, Media and Nation Building
GFPP5123 Comparative Federalism
GFPP5133 Development Strategies in Nation Building
GFPP5143 Education, Politics and Policy Making
GFPP5153 Feminism, Women’s Movements and the State
GFPP5173 Non-Governmental Organizations and Nation Building
GFPP5183 Diplomacy
GFPP5353 Malaysian Pluralism
GFPP5383 Malaysian Foreign Policy Since Independence
GFPP5393 Private Enterprise and Development in Malaysia
GFPY6333 Independent Study
GFPP5213 Propaganda and Persuasion in International Relations

Research Paper (12 credit hours)
GFPZ69912 Research Paper

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