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Doctor of Management


The Doctor of Management (D.Mgmt.) programme at Universiti Utara Malaysia is by full research in which students are assessed on the thesis produced at the end of their study period. This programme develops graduates from the industry to become scholars and researchers who are able to contribute knowledge and expertise to their specific field in the industry.

Doctor of Management students may choose to specialise in any of the various fields in UUM.

UUM offers the Doctor of Management programme on a full-time mode, in which students will have to complete their studies between nine (9) to fifteen (15) trimesters.


An applicant must be a full-time employee who serves a company or an organization and holds a senior position. The applicant must also possess:

  1. a master’s degree recognised by the University Senate and have at least five (5) years of work experience in the area relevant to the research topic.; and
  2. fulfil the English language requirement as set by the University Senate.


The Doctor of Management (D.Mgmt.) programme is offered by full research. Students are required to enrol and pass the following pre-requisite courses with at least a B grade during the first two (2) trimesters of their enrolment (i.e. before being allowed to defend their thesis proposal):

  1. SZRZ6014 Research Methodology
  2. SCLE6014 Academic Writing

To be able to graduate, D.Mgmt. students are required to:

  1. present and defend a proposed research/thesis to a committee;
  2. present progress report of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School;
  3. produce either case study, articles or patented product(s) by choosing any of the following options:
    • Option A: Publish at least one (1) case study;
    • Option B: Produce at least one (1) article, which is published in a refereed journal
    • Option C: Produce at least 1 patented product co-owned by the candidate, supervisor(s), and UUM.
  4. The article or case study can either be produced individually or co-authored only with and consented by the supervisor(s).
  5. The article or case study accepted or published must be based on the D.Mgmt candidate’s research topic.
  6. The patented product must be the output from the D.Mgmt candidate’s research topic.
  7. The article or case study must be accepted or published during the candidacy.
  8. The article or case study must be accepted or published before a viva-voce session.
  9. The patented product must be registered during the candidacy or before the viva voce session.

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