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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


  1. A  master’s  degree  from  Universiti  Utara  Malaysia  or  any  other  institutions  of  higher  learning  recognised  by  the  University  or  any  other  equivalent  qualifications  recognised  by  the  University;
  2. Have  a  minimum  of  five  (5)  years  of  work  experience  relevant  to the  chosen  area  of  specialisation;  and
  3. Fulfilthe  English  language  requirement. OR
  4. Senior  Managers  with  a  bachelor’s  degree  from  any  institutions  of  higher  learning  recognised  by  the  University  with  at  least  ten  (10)  years  of  relevant  work  experience  and  passed  the  Accreditation  of  Prior  Experiential  Learning  (APEL)  (Level  8).


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is offered by coursework and dissertation with 82 credit hours which comprises the following:

Business Fields (15 credit hours)
BDAK8033 Accounting Practice and Regulation
BDFM8013 Corporate Financial Strategy
BDHS7013 Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
BDMF8013 Global Economic and Business Issues
BDMM8033 Global Strategic Marketing and Competitive Analysis

Research Method (9 credit hours)
BDMR8013 Business Research and Methodology
(students must pass this course as a pre-requisite before being allowed to register for BDMI8013 Research Proposal Construction)
BDMR8053 Data Analysis
BDMI 8013 Research Proposal Construction

Business Electives (6 credit hours)
Choose any two (2) courses from the following:

BDME8033 Seminar in Corporate Entrepreneurship
BDMF8043 Seminar in International Business
BDMF8053 Seminar in Business and Sustainability
BDMH 8013 Strategic Human Resource Management
BDMH8023 Business Negotiations
BDMM8043 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
BDMN8033 Organizational Change Management
BDMN8043 Managing Strategy and Innovation

Consultation (3 credit hours)
BDMX8023 Business Consultation

Dissertation (49 credit hours)
BDMZ89949 Dissertation

DBA students are also required to:

  1. present their research work at colloquiums arranged by Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business;
  2. defend their research proposals successfully to a committee;
  3. produce at least one (1) case study or article by choosing either Option A or Option B, before viva voce.
    • Option A: Publish at least one (1) case study; OR
    • Option B: Publish at least one (1) article, which is published in a referred journal/professional business magazine (example: Malaysian Business, Marketeers, Accounts Today, The Asian Banker, HRM Asia, INSURANCE).
  4. The article or case study can either be produced individually or co-authored only with and consented by the supervisor(s).
  5. The article or case study accepted or published must be based on the DBA candidate’s
    research topic.
  6. The article or case study must be accepted or published during the candidacy.
  7. The article or case study must be accepted or published before a viva-voce session

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