rotuUUM ONLINE: Commander of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU), Colonel (H) Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani who is also the Vice-Chancellor reminded the cadet officers of the UUM ROTU of the four spiritual elements that they need to intensify in order to strengthen their internal values.

According to him the four spiritual elements namely intelligence, spirituality, desire and qalbu as well as loyalty towards the nation and ready to sacrifice for the country must be instilled and enhanced in each of the cadet officers.

He said only those who enlisted in the ROTU will have an advantage over their friends as the military experience and knowledge gained will allow them to excel in not just their studies but also in whatever career the choose upon graduation.

“As a ROTU cadet officer, I would urge all of you to always be perceptive to the environment particularly at times with the current and future threat patterns. Joining the corps is indeed a good move as all of you are armed with comprehensive military knowledge that will come in handy as you face challenges in your studies as well as future challenges in your chosen careers.

“I am proud when students choose to enlist into the ROTU as part of their co-curriculum requirement while completing their studies on this campus.

"Coming from various races and ethnicities, these young men and women are not only knowledgeable, but also have skills in the military field, are indeed an exemplary group of knights to young people everywhere," he said when officiating the ROTU Commander's Parade and Blood Donation Programme at the ROTU marching ground.

He said that everybody faced trials and tribulations in 2020 and 2021 following the COVID-19 pandemic, however the planned training activities were successfully carried out.  As a result, UUM was able to produce competent, professional and intellectual graduates to fulfil the country's defence aspirations.

He further reiterated that as stipulated by the Royal Malaysian Army, each cadet officer had to undergo training which included 240 hours of local training for a year, 14 days of continuous training for a year and 15 days of annual camp training for a year before each cadet officer can be commissioned as a Junior Lieutenant in the Territorial Army Regiment.

"I hope all of you as cadet officers will continue to acquire military knowledge at ROTU because this knowledge can shape the identity of the nation," he said.