wakafUUM ONLINE: Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) received a total of 880 sets of Al-Quran endowments from the Karangkraf Group through the Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUIF).

UUM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the foundation for donating a significant number of Al-Quran sets that are ornately decorated with mushaf art. And each set contains the translation, tafsir and hadith.

"The endowment of the Al-Quran will be utilized well and at the end of last year, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) encouraged every public university to set up a Quran Corner.

"This Quran Corner will benefit every Muslim student in analysing and studying all the wisdom contained in the Al-Quran because knowledge starts from surah Al-'Alaq (Iqra)," he said as he inspected the sets of Al-Quran endowed by the Foundation housed at the Sri Delima Room.

According to him the sets of Al-Quran would be placed at the various Schools including at the UUM Islamic Centre and the various Student Residential Halls (INASIS) for the use of all campus denizens.

The Vice-Chancellor also expressed hopes that Muslim staff and students on campus will gain knowledge and wisdom from reciting and internalizing the sets of Al-Quran endowed by the Foundation.  These sets of the Al-Quran will be placed at suitable venues for the purpose of reading and referral in the hopes of shaping the personality and integrity of the UUM campus denizens.

Meanwhile, the Director of the UUM Islamic Centre, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Ishak deemed the contribution of the sets of Al-Quran as invaluable to the denizens of UUM.  He also said that Al-Quran is the source of all knowledge that can be benefited from.

“I hope this contribution will be taken full advantage of by all UUM denizens. The sets of Al-Quran should not just be for display but they should be recited, read and internalized. The wisdom and knowledge gained should be assimilated in one’s daily life.  Not only that, as an institution of higher education, UUM should take the opportunity to spread and share the knowledge found in the Al-Quran with the surrounding communities.

"In addition, the university will also enliven the #QuranHour by organising the Al-Quran recitations as the ones carried out in previous years, in fact we plan to hold the Premier Quran Tadarus scheduled to be held on the second day of Ramadan that will be led by the Vice-Chancellor," he said.

Meanwhile, the UUM Chief Librarian, Mr. Salleh Hudin Mustaffa said the MyQuranTime programme will be intensified once again. According to him, the Sultanah Bahiyah Library (SBL) will set up the Quran Corner which will enlighten both physical and virtual visitors on the need to study the Al-Quran in depth as one of the main knowledges to the world.

He further reiterated that the SBL will organise various programmes to disseminate the knowledge and wisdom found in the Al-Quran to the surrounding communities, in addition to organising exhibitions to increase public understanding and awareness.

At the same event, the 2021 Islamic calendars with prayer times were also handed. The 2021 Islamic calendars were donated by the Kedah State Zakat Board to be distributed among UUM staff.