KE8UUM ONLINE: After 30 years and 4 months of devoting his services to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), the Knowledge, Virtue, Service sown will always be remembered by all UUM denizens.

Mr. Baharudin Yaacob who delivered his speech at the Registrar's Handing Over of Notes Ceremony said his service with UUM had been over a long course of time.

“Most certainly many events had taken place. I experienced both sweet and bitter memories and not to mention the many challenges.

“I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve this University. It all began when I reported for duty on 1 December 1990 at Tanah Merah Campus as the Assistant Hostel Manager.  Throughout my service at UUM, I served under seven Vice-Chancellors and six Registrars before being appointed to the position of Registrar,” he said.

At the end of his speech, he quoted the hadith of Rasullullah (pbuh) narrated by Imam Ahmad:

"Make it easy and do not make it difficult, give good news and do not give bad news, and be obedient and do not disagree"

“I also pray that all friends and acquaintances be blessed by Allah at all times. Good luck to all. May UUM continue to develop to become the Eminent Management University. Serve with utmost integrity and together preserve the harmony of this beloved campus.

Mr. Ahmad Rasidi Abdullah extended his gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Baharudin for carrying out his responsibilities as the Registrar in such an exceptional manner. 

I learned a lot from him. I pray for his good health and pray that I will be able to carry out the responsibilities entrusted upon me to my best ability," he said.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor wished Mr. Baharudin a happy retirement and also a happy birthday. According to him individuals’ date of birth will be their last date they work for any organisation.

"On behalf of UUM, I would like to thank Mr. Baharudin for his commitment and hard work throughout his time serving UUM," he said.

At this ceremony, the handing over of notes which took place between Mr. Baharudin to the Deputy Registrar, Mr. Ahmad Rasidi who will carry out the duties of the registrar was witnessed by the Vice-Chancellor, members of the University Management Committee and UUM officials.