VC 2UUM ONLINE: Administrative Officers are the backbone of the university and need to move in tandem to help achieve its agenda which in one fell swoop will enable UUM to be the best university in Malaysia and the world.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani in a university, academic staff were not only crucial members of staff. Non-academic staff too were important because their tasks were directed at their respective fields.

“Administrative staff play important role in driving the University toward greater excellence. All of you have helped streamline the UUM administrative machinery that is over 30 years old.

"Managing people is more difficult because all of us come from various backgrounds and possess different set of ideas.  As such we need to hone new talents as they need to be prepped to continue to carry out the University’s agenda," he said at the Vice-Chancellor Interaction Session with UUM Administrative Officers at the School of International Studies (SOIS) Auditorium.

He described the achievements attained as very gratifying because the efforts which had been made brought about very lucrative results whilst ascent after ascent were made.

"Phase II of the Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 is over, therefore the line of administrators forms the backbone of the university in order to ensure that the achievement of UUM Strategic Plan Phase III: 2021-2025 which has 6 thrusts will be much more outstanding," he said.

Apart from that he said the Registrar's Department would also need to document the mobilization and development of UUM in an effort to strengthen the University in the future.

Meanwhile, Deputy Registrar, Mr Ahmad Rasidi Abdullah said the meeting provided the Vice-Chancellor with a platform to interact, share ideas, plans and aspirations with the Administrative Officers.

"UUM has achieved significant successes, I hope the cooperation given so far can be continued in the third phase to further boost the University's name on the international stage," he said.

He also expressed his optimism that all the administrative officers will demonstrate performance of the highest level and provide support to the Registrar's Department in realizing the plans for the common success.