SPRMUUM ONLINE: With the arrival of the delegates from the Division of Community Education, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the denizens of UUM can expect to learn more about corruption and bribery.

The delegation led by the its Director, Division of Community Education, Datuk Razim Mohd Noor was welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani at the Vice-Chancellor's Meeting Room recently.

According to the Vice-Chancellor the arrival of the delegates from the Division of Community Education, MACC will definitely bring about one big common agenda that can be shared.

According to him the MACC possessed many specialised experiences and knowledge related to corruption which can be shared with the staff and students at UUM.

"I hope the Division of Community Education can share their knowledge on current issues related to corruption. Corruption is a pandemic or virus that has hit not only Malaysia, but other countries as well.

"In fact, I, too, worry that the symptoms of corruption will spread further given the current economic situation. If the marketability of graduates does not increase it could in turn cause corruption incidences to take place among youths and university students later," he said.

He also expressed hope that the elements of corporate and governance could be incorporated into such courses namely the Appreciation of Ethics and Civilization, a core subject taught in depth at UUM.

Meanwhile, according to Datuk Razim, the courtesy call was aimed at introducing a module on corruption – a criminal offence, designed by the MACC to be utilized at public universities.

According to him, the MACC conducted a survey on students and found that the average person was willing to accept a gift or reward if there was a need to approve a project.

"Apart from offering this module to students, the focus will also be on the staff. This is because amongst the corruption offences that take place in the civil service are making false claims and conflict of interest," said he who intends to cultivate the culture of abhorrence towards corruption amongst members of the community.

He also requested the cooperation of UUM staff to complete a questionnaire on a Study on the Perception of the Effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Action Taken by MACC through the link htttp: //

Also present at the meeting were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International), Prof. Dr. Shahimi Mohtar; Legal Adviser, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal Amin Ayub; Director of the Academic Affairs Department, Mdm Azian Nafiah and Director of the Asian Research Institute of Corporate Governance (ARICG), Prof. Dr. Kamarun Nisham Taufil.