MBASSADORUUM ONLINE: Bachelor of Accounting student, Mr Zamzuri Hanizan was not only selected to participate in the 12-month Maybank Student Ambassador Programme organised by Maybank, but he was also named one of the Top 5 of 15 #Mbassadors. Not only that, he was also awarded the Merit Award for the individual category - an award that evaluates performance, consistency and #Mbassador contributions throughout the year.

According to him, he never expected to be in the Top 5. Participating in the programme opened up a lot of opportunities and avenues for him to gain new experiences in honing his skills as well as enhancing his professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills.

A total of 65 participants known as #Mbassador from 16 universities were selected to take part in the programme. Participant were required to participate in exclusive workshops, webinar series, campaigns and competitive situations.

He said the Maybank student ambassador programme afforded its participants with the opportunity to network with industry leaders, acquire job placement, obtain guidance from Global Maybank Apprentices (GMA), attend exclusive Maybank events and workshops, improve leadership and management skills of an event.

“At the end of the programme, #Mbassador will be evaluated and each will be presented with awards namely the Merit Award, Ultimate Squad Award and Virtual Influencer.

"This programme is a stepping stone for me.  It gives me the opportunity to assess my abilities carefully and enhance my knowledge on how banks operate," he said.

He further reiterated that when Malaysia was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Maybank had taken the initiative to close the gap and engage with all #Mbassador students virtually through exciting and fun activities.

Defy to Defined, Mcampus, Digital Race Challenge, Maybank Accelerator and Virtual Financial Literacy Conference for Youth 2020 as well as workshops and campaigns were among the activities which participants took part in to improve their leadership and public relations skills.

“For me, Maybank has encouraged me and other participants to go further and achieve more than what we have now. This goes to prove that acquiring knowledge is a lifetime process. And what is prouder is the fact that the UUM team was awarded the Ultimate Squad Award, beating 16 other teams as it was the most active team and had the best cooperation amongst its members,” he said.