L MPPUUM ONLINE: Members of the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Student Representative Council (MPP) Session 2020/2021 have been urged not to smear or tarnish the good name of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs), Assoc. Prof Dr Hendrik Lamsali said as mature and holistic leaders, every member of the UUM MPP should think and act wisely before making any decision so that it will not affect the good name or bring about shame to the University.

According to him before any decision can be taken, they must consider the interests of all parties and serve the students and all stakeholders. The pandemic experienced this year had indirectly changed the actions and thoughts of people in general.

Hence, according to him the oath pledged by the newly elected members of the UUM MPP can be considered as promise that must be borne with full responsibility and integrity.

"I am thankful that the Campus Election which was conducted virtually went smoothly and the percentage of students who voted also recorded an increase compared to the last election.

"My heartiest congratulations to all those who won the recent election, however consider it not an advantage or privilege but instead it is a great mandate and responsibility.

"This appointment is not just about taking care of fellow students because students are not the only stakeholders or university stakeholders. It also involves many parties including the community, staff, industry partners and also the Ministry of Higher Education," he said on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor during the Presentation of Letters of Appointment to Members of the Student Representative Council 2020/2021 Session at the Senate Meeting Room.

At same juncture, he also expressed hope that the members of UUM MPP could assist the University in further enhancing the reputation, performance, ranking and achievement of UUM in the eyes of the world.

According to him, the University needed leaders who were not only skilled at planning, but also proficient in mobilizing the plans devised. Above all, he said as leaders, integrity that goes beyond everything was the biggest trait leaders must possess.

Apart from that, he also mentioned that the relations with the management team of the University were also important and as student leaders, they must adhere to the ethics and understand the UUM constitution. He also reminded the students to work as a strong team with the University.

Meanwhile, the President of the UUM MPP Session 2020/2021, Mr Muhammad A'linur Ahlam Abu Bakar said the UUM MPP will adhere to the three principles namely the UUM MPP will defend the welfare of students holistically; support the vision, mission and aspirations of UUM in driving towards greater heights; and will honour and bring glory to the University in line with the University’s motto- Knowledge Virtue Service.

He also expressed hopes that the relations between the UUM MPP and the Management team of the University will always be well-preserved and most importantly mobilized to achieve the aspirations and vision of the University.

At the ceremony, the Handing-over of Notes Ceremony was also held. The Acting President of the UUM MPP Session 2019/2020, Mr Muhammad Nazmi Akmal Rahman handed over notes to the newly elected President of the UUM MPP Session 2020/2021. Next, the newly elected members of the UUM MPP took part in the oath-taking ceremony in the presence of Dr Hendrik; Assistant Vice-Chancellor of UUM COB, Prof. Dr. Salniza Md Salleh; the Registrar, Mr Baharudin Yaacob and senior university officials.