PRK MPPUUM ONLINE: The UUM Campus Election (CE) to elect the new UUM Student Representative Council (MPP) for the 2020/2021 session took place digitally in a new norm.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) Assoc. Prof Dr Hendrik Lamsali said the election was carried out online entirely using the E-Vote system which can be accessed via mobile phones. In doing so, the students were able to vote from home or from wherever they were at.

According to him the election had to be implemented digitally as majority of the students were not on campus. Apart from that having it on cyberspace would help break the COVID-19 chain which is far from over.

"The total number of students who were eligible to vote are 20,402 and out of the total, only 13,754 students voted. As such, the election recorded a voting percentage of 67.41 percent.

"The percentage of voters voting even though it was conducted online increased compared to 64.95 percent in 2018.  This is indeed an achievement," he said.

He further reiterated that in realizing the campus election, UUM had opened up opportunities for students to carry out their duties as secretariats in fully handling the 2020/2021 session Campus Election starting from the nomination process, campaign, voting and announcement.

He extended his heartiest congratulations to the campus election secretariat led by Mr Muhammad Nazmi Akmal Rahman as the Chairman and Ms Behoney Low Lee Tong as the Director of the Secretariat. In total 20 students became the secretariats cum front line personnel brilliantly.

"Best of luck to the newly elected members of the Student Representative Council.  I fervently hope that they will become the voice for the students as well as the liaison between students and management," he said at the announcement of Campus Election results at the Multipurpose Hall, Student Accommodation Centre (SAC).

Meanwhile, a student voter of the Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) programme, Ms Farah Nabilah Abd Aziz when met with expressed her gratitude for being given the opportunity to vote for the first time in the election.

"I am happy to be able to carry out my responsibilities as a UUM student to vote in the campus election. Even though I am at home, with just one click I was able to select the candidate of my choice. The selection process was very easy and saved us a lot of time," she said.