utlcUUM ONLINE: The year 2020 is indeed a challenging year for all those affected by the Covid-19 epidemic that has hit the country and the world.

The pandemic has also brought about great impact to the education sector where teaching and learning sessions (TnL) now need to be carried out online.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dato’ Dr Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani said moving towards the new era would mean that technological elements would play important role in every aspect of people’s lives including in TnL activities.

According to him, moving towards the digital era would require for everyone be open-minded as times have changed and they need to learn up all things related to technology that has become the backbone of UUM.

“We need to ensure that the method of TnL is online and done remotely.  Members of the teaching staff must ensure that the learning outcomes of the course can be achieved by their respective students.

"Universities also need to give priority to the quality of TnL, the effectiveness of delivery of lecture and student satisfaction in the implementation of TnL sessions conducted every semester," he said during his Goodwill Visit to the University Teaching and Learning Centre (UTLC), yesterday.

He said when talking about technology, emphasis would be on the quality of delivery which still depended on the individual and the content delivered must be the best.

"The challenge with technology is that it changes swiftly. As such we must move with the change. If we are too lazy to change, then all efforts will be in vain. We want to make sure students get what they are searching for, so we conducted a survey to get feedback from the alumni, “said he who also officiated the opening of the Creative Learning Lab (CLL) and Future Learning Lab (FLL).

The Vice-Chancellor also graciously held a video recording session for the opening of the 5th Inspirational Symposium Scholarship (ISS 2020).

The Vice-Chancellor expressed hopes that the Future Learning Lab (FLL) will be the best learning lab in Malaysia and UUM will be the first university to use 5G in the TnL method as soon as it is announced by the government.

Meanwhile, the Director of UTLC, Assoc.  Prof Ts. Dr Muhamad Shahbani Abu Bakar said UTLC had implemented various training programmes and workshops during the PKP period to help the teaching staff succeed in carrying out their TnL activities as well as student assessment done remotely.

According to him, to realize this aspiration and ensure that the TnL processes at UUM occurs effectively and systematically, the infrastructure and infrastructure provided must be in line with current needs.