R4UUM ONLINE: Kuala Lumpur - "During this pandemic period we need to do all we can to survive and maintain a positive survival attitude so that after the pandemic ends we can achieve success," said Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz who is the Adjunct Professor at Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business (OYAGSB).

She was speaking at the Biz Talk programme entitled, ‘Broadening Malaysia’s Business Horizon: Expanding Business Sustainability via Southeast Asia Community’.  According to her, in the new economic reality, many things must be changed and adapted according to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She further reiterated that exploration in the field of information technology at this time will provide Malaysians, especially businessmen to discover and produce innovation.

"China, for example, has moved rapidly towards information technology so much so that the people there when they want to buy fish, they would do so with the help of technology that is through purchasing goods via online.

"The question remains, are we ready to use information technology as a medium to continue online business?" said she while addressing important issues on the impact and challenges to expand the sustainability of Malaysian business, especially among the Southeast Asian community.

The former Minister of International Trade and Industry also shared her thoughts on the current issues and business developments in Southeast Asia, as well as providing new ideas and strategies in expanding Malaysian business in the international arena.

She also added that Malaysians need to change and move toward digitization and explore the latest trends in information technology in order to communicate and carry out tasks particular when the world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to her, as entrepreneurs the time had come for them to build a network of cooperation with other parties. They also must move toward digitization, strengthening relevant proactive and innovative information technology knowledge.

"Expand your view and do not be a frog under the coconut shell. Get out of the comfort zone and get ready to change," she said, ending the programme organised by OYAGSB recently.

Also present at the event were the Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani; Provost of  UUMKL, Prof. Dr. Shahimi Mohtar and Dean of OYAGSB, Prof. Dr. Hassan Abu Bakar.