layout Dr nurulwahidaUUM ONLINE: Fellow SEML lecturer has successfully invented an innovative teaching product through the interactive application 'Smart Curriculum Studies: Case-Based Learning' (SCSCBL) to aid the learning process as the country confronts the COVID-19 outbreak.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurulwahida Azid @ Aziz said COVID-19 did not become a hindrance for her to win the gold medal at the EUROINVENT 12th European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2020 in Iasi, Romania, which was held online.

"I am extremely elated with this achievement, besides helping students to better develop their critical writing skills through assignments that measure their analytical, creative and practical thinking skills," she said.

She, who also heads the Malaysian Research & Innovation Society (MyRIS) Kedah, said this interactive pedagogical tool was part of the 'Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)' research.

According to her, the interactive pedagogical tool will help the post-graduate students’ learning process no matter where they might be through the use of case-based learning approach via interactive applications designed and built on their own based on five teaching topics.

She said that she also designed five case-based learning activities based on those five topics while the tasks involved in the learning activities provided were to measure the analytical, creative and practical thinking skills of postgraduate students.

“By having an assessment for each topic will help students test their understanding when the score automatically appears in the 'Smart Curriculum Studies: Case-based learning' application.

"Through this study, I have produced one SCOPUS index journal and another SCOPUS journal which is under review," she said.

Dr. Nurulwahida further reiterated that the idea for developing this interactive application came from looking at the needs of 21st century learning and producing students, who can solve problems, think critically and creatively.

"I hope that the postgraduate students (teachers and future teachers) in my class, who have had the experience of 'critical thinking pedagogy', can do the same with their students at school," she shared.

According to her, writing essays done by each postgraduate student will require them to apply problem-solving skills.

She expressed hope to create more pedagogical tools in the future to stimulate critical thinking and problem solving skills among postgraduate students to help UUM produce graduates who could improve the performance in their profession.