cuic pemijak kakiUUM ONLINE: Having skills in carpentry very much helped Operation Assistant, Mr. Mohamad Nizam Mansor to innovate and build a sanitizer dispenser operated with the foot called 'Step Sanitizer Dispenser'.

He said although the foot-operated dispenser looked simple, but at a time when the country was battling the threat of COVID-19 outbreak, it was particularly helpful for the staff of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) to do all they can to stave off the COVID-19 infection.

“Usually, we will share using the hand sanitizer that is placed on the table for the use of office staff or outsiders who come into the office.

"However, with this foot-operated sanitizer dispenser, we do not have to worry as we do not have to touch the bottle to pump out the sanitizer liquid," said the staff from the UUM Centre for University-Industry Collaboration (CUIC).

Mr. Mohamad Nizam, better known as Chot among colleagues said the foot-operated apparatus made from PVC pipes made it easier for the user to use sanitizer liquid by simply pressing the pipe located at the bottom and the connected pipe will push the bottle head, thus pumping out the sanitizer liquid.

According to him, he successfully developed the foot-operated sanitizer dispenser in collaboration with another staff at CUIC who provided him with invaluable ideas on ways to further improve the apparatus to make it more user-friendly.

He also said that it only took him about an hour to complete one Step Sanitizer Dispenser. Other than using PVC pipes, he also used glue, pipe cutters and cable fasteners to complete apparatus.

“I am very pleased to be able to contribute my piece of invention to UUM especially when we are fighting a hard battle against COVID-19.

"This Step Sanitizer Dispenser is very useful and is needed by the public to ensure that no contact is made while dispensing sanitizer liquid and I hope that it can be placed at various locations throughout the campus," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Community Network at CUIC, Mr. Suwannit Chareen Chit a / l Sop Chit, said the production of the said product was part of the social innovation agenda aimed at developing devices or gizmos that would benefit everyone.

According to him, CUIC will promote the Step Sanitizer Dispenser to all Centres of Authority and departments (PTJ) in UUM, as well as public health offices and schools.

He also said that the apparatus will be further improved in the future. They will use sturdier materials at lower costs.