vc watikahUUM ONLINE: The Professors of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) have been urged to unite and help elevate the UUM brand internationally.

UUM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani expressed his confidence in the level of expertise of every professor in UUM.  As such he called on them to come together and assist the University in raising its brand to even greater heights.

According to him, the title of Professor was often seen as an institution that would bring about benefits to the University. As such the University must be recognized by outsiders for its expertise and not just as home ground champion but rather as the eminent management university globally.

He said the university was moving towards becoming a digital campus even though the nation was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, UUM was ready even though it was under pressure, faced with inadequacies and was not fully prepared.

He further reiterated that UUM would continue to evolve into a full force digital campus as part of the UUM policy towards becoming a digital campus, an idea that was first presented in January of last year.

“The university will enhance its delivery system to a much faster and more efficient rate in tandem with the digital era.  Not only that, teaching and learning activities will also be implemented online.

“Also, in terms of ranking, it will be tackled without compromise because during my visit to the various School, I emphasized on ranking as an important agenda hence I would like to see it in a more tangible manner namely through the university's financial creation as a result of research carried out with external parties or industry.

“As such, professors play important role in enhancing the collaboration with the industry through research. Unfortunately, such collaborations between the University and industry have seen better days as year after year, collaborations between the University and the industry are on the decline, so Professors need to think of ways to elevate the UUM brand,” said he at the Presentation of Letters of Promotion to Academic Staff Ceremony  held at the Senate Room.

A total of 27 academic staff received their respective letters of promotion to the post of Professor (VK7) (6); Assoc. Prof. (16) and senior lecturer (5).

The Vice-Chancellor said the promotion of these academic staff proved their excellence in many aspects, in fact he believed that the aspects were stringently evaluated and the staff went through a rigorous process.

He further reiterated that the promotion was not the end goal for other achievements, so he hoped that the appointed professors along with other academic staff would continue to strive to uphold the name of their beloved university.

“Continue to work with the University and schools. Hopefully every planned agenda can be implemented well,” he said.