derma darahUUM ONLINE: The Movement Control Order (MCO) Directive did little to prevent students of this university from carrying out their responsibility of donating blood at a programme called the Red Charity 2.0. The programme which was successfully organised by Petronas Student Residential Hall (INASIS) made sure that all safety precautions directed by the government were taken before the start of the blood drive.

Fellow student, Mr Muhammad Najmi Shakir Abu Hassan described donating blood as a noble act. Never  considered it as an inconvenience, he would donate blood given the opportunity.

He said he had donated blood in total seven times, including during the Red Charity 2.0 programme, in fact he never intended to relinquish that responsibility.

He said the intent to donate blood came from knowing that many patients with blood deficiency need the supply to survive.

"I hope that with the donation made, it will help to reduce the burden on the hospital in obtaining bloody supply that is fast depleting.

"In addition, this programme should be continued on a regular basis as all communities, especially young people, should be cognizant of the benefits of donating blood and helping others," he said.

Meanwhile, the Director of the programme, Ms. Aamirah Amr Mohd Amran, said that in just four hours, 100 students showed up at the Student Lounge of the Petronas INASIS to donate blood to meet blood supply of the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital blood bank in Kangar.

According to her, they had to shorten the duration of the programme to avoid crowds of blood donors.  To ensure that social distancing took place, only three students were allowed to donate blood at one time. For every three persons, the process took 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

展e decided to carry out this programme because we wanted to help hospitals with low blood supply.

The principal of the Petronas INASIS, Mr Mohd Fairus Abd Majid said the programme was aimed at helping hospitals especially those in need of blood.

According to him, in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the nature of humanity, help must be rendered to one another regardless of race, religion or financial status.

"I hope that this practice and the spirit of helping one another will continue to be practiced and become the culture of students at UUM," he said.

Red Charity 2.0 'Your Concern May Safe A Life' was organised by Petronas INASIS JKPS, Security and Health Exco.