WhatsApp Image 2020 04 21 at 11.38.25 AMUUM ONLINE: With the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place until 28 April, the University Health Centre (PKU) has taken the initiative of setting up the Medicine2U to assist campus denizens who would like to take their medicine without having to make their way to campus.

Director of the PKU, Dr. Adi Azhar Abdul Razak said the Medicine2U  was a medicine delivery system put in place especially to help staff living outside of the campus vicinity obtain their continue medication.

According to him, the service was set up in the interest of the staff, dependents and retirees who live more than 10 kilometres away from UUM campus, meanwhile staff living nearby can make their way directly to the PKU.

He said the medication delivered by the PKU only comprised Continue Medication.

“Staff, dependents and retirees are however not allowed to request for new medicine and they can seek treatment at nearby clinics if necessary.

"Not only that, drugs that require special delivery namely medications that are temperature-sensitive or over-the-counter medications during Acute Condition are also not allowed," he said.

He said that for medication taken through the Medicine2U, the on-duty medical doctor would review the history of the latest medication and prescribe it for a one (1) month prescription.

According to him, the Pharmacy Unit will provide medicine based on the prescription made by the medical doctor.

“Later, the PKU driver will send the packaged medicine in the patient's name to the guard house located at Taman Siswa in Jitra the following day.

"Those eligible can collect their medicine at the guard house located at Taman Siswa," he said.

According to Dr. Adi Azhar, staff and retirees who sought the Medicine2U services need to call the treatment counter (2525) to register in advanced.