ppe gown kesihatanUUM ONLINE: The earnest efforts of UUM denizens in stitching the personal protective equipment (PPE) for the daily use of the frontline personnel of Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) received praises from the Kedah State Health Department.

Assistant Director, Medical Division, Dr. Huzaifah Md Nor expressed his appreciation and gratitude to UUM for its willingness to put in time and energy to produce the PPE.

According to him, the PPE produced by UUM staff and students were of high quality and met the standards set.

“The initiative taken by UUM to help the frontline personnel who are working hard to prevent the spread of the outbreak is greatly appreciated and praised.  In addition, the frontline personnel are in need of the PPE every day as they go about to treat Covid-19 patients.

"I hope that UUM’s contribution in producing the PPE will strengthen the relationship between the two parties in the future," he said while reviewing the preparation of the PPE Gown at the Sewing Room of the UUM Co-Curriculum Centre.

In addition to producing PPE for the frontline personnel, UUM through its Centre for Innovation and Commercialization Centre (ICC) in collaboration with SCIMPA and Co-Curriculum Centre also produced face masks that were stitched by UUM volunteers and staff.

Meanwhile, fellow volunteer, Ms. Siti Nurhajar Mohd Mani said she was deeply honoured to assist UUM in providing the needs of frontline personnel of the state.

According to her, her involvement in the project had been very meaningful and rewarding as she was able to contribute her energy and service to the frontline personnel who were hard at work preventing the spread of Covid-19.

For fellow lecturer, Dr. Asmidah Alwi, she was delighted to be able to help and contribute her service in containing the spread of the outbreak.

“These face masks are reusable ones. They are made from reusable material.

"A total of 200 face masks have been produced for the daily use of frontline personnel as well as the campus community," he said.