WhatsApp Image 2020 04 07 at 9.55.07 AMUUM ONLINE: Kuala Lumpur - The duration of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to contain the spread of Covid-19 infection appears to change the daily routine of Malaysians, especially the frontline personnel.

Bukit Aman Investigation and Traffic Enforcement Police Officer, ASP Juliana Jamak, who is one of the country's frontline personnel, said her busy schedule did little to prevent her from pursuing her studies even if required her to study by the roadside.

The Master of Science (Counselling) Part-Time Mode student from UUMKL said that since the implementation of the MCO, she had not been able to attend classes for more than two weeks due to carrying out her duties.

Thus, to ensure that she did not get left behind in the teaching and learning (PdP) activities, she would go online and have classes with lecturers through the Zoom app weekly from 9am to 3pm.

“This is my daily routine since the implementation of the MCO because I have to work from 6am to 10pm and the following morning from 10pm to 6am.

"When the day comes for my online classes, I will make sure that my laptop is always switched on even when I am working on the road side and all my notebooks and study materials will also be taken along," she said.

ASP Juliana said she would start to revise and complete her assignments at night instead of doing them during the day due to the need to resolve traffic-related cases that involved a large number of vehicles.

She expressed hope to carry out her duties as a police officer and student well despite the time constraints following the Covid-19 outbreak.

She said the next three weeks would be very challenging as she would be sitting for her final exams as well as having to submit her final assignments.

"It's not easy to do two jobs at the same time, but with the encouragement and support from my family and friends, I am determined to keep studying until the end.

"I hope that all the other UUM students will not give up especially when we are going through this test and with the availability of current technology, PdP activities can be done online," she said.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani said he was proud of the determination shown by the tireless student in allocating time to study and work.

He said the perseverance of the police officer would also be an aspiration for the entire campus denizens to continue to succeed not only in their jobs but also in their studies.