WhatsApp Image 2020 04 05 at 10.35.22 AMUUM ONLINE: Desolate! On the 20th day of the Movement Control Command (MCO), the scenario on campus looks much different than the beginning of the implementation of the order.

Observation carried out by the UUM Corporate Comm. found that students and staff living on campus were not seen loitering or gathering in groups.

Meanwhile, frontline personnel continued to monitor the entry and exit movement at the main gate to ensure that UUM was free of the Covid-19 outbreak, including the frontline personnel at the University Health Centre and those in the essential services.

Meanwhile, Principal of the Petronas and Sime Darby Student Residential Halls (INASIS), Mr. Mohd Fairus Abd Majid said that since the implementation of the MCO, the students of the two INASIS have adhered to the directive issued, and that they were forbidden to freely switch rooms without the Principal's permission.

According to him, most of the students would be in their rooms and would only go out in the evening to go to the Varsity Mall to buy essential items.

He said he also advised students who wanted to leave their room to always adhere to the directive such as putting on face masks and keeping a distance of 1 metre apart to stay safe, however if anyone violated the directive they will be dealt with severely.

“In addition to preventing students from getting bored following the extension of the MCO until 14 April, the management of INASIS has also organised various interesting activities such as crossword puzzles of interesting places in Kedah, organising the INASIS t-shirt design competition and poetry writing competition entitled 'Struggle Against Covid-19 '.

“All these competitions are conducted online in accordance with the directive of the MCO that require them not to leave their room and keep their distance.

"I do not want them to feel confined without any activities or words of encouragement. Advice is also given to keep these students focused, vibrant and cheerful during the MCO period," he said.

Student of Semester 6, Ms. Nureen Ishak said the opportunity acquired from the MCO directive should be utilized not only to rest, but also to take the time to revise lessons and increase one’s act of worship.

However, said the Bachelor of Education Guidance and Counselling student, she expressed hopes that things will recover and turn back to normal soon so she can meet with her family members and attend classes as usual.