upsbUUM ONLINE: The term, work-from -home, does not apply to the cleaners of Uniutama Property Sdn Bhd (UPSB) who are busy working as usual despite the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Head of the UPSB Cleaning Department, Mdm. Rosimah Yaacob said that although the MCO directive has been implemented since 18 March and further extended until 14 April, the cleaners at UPSB still had to work in the campus to ensure that UUM was Covid-19 free.

According to her, the cleaning work at UUM was still being conducted as usual, but it involved smaller number of staff than before the Government implemented the MCO directive.

She said the time spent cleaning was also shortened from 8am to 12 noon and the work process was part of UPSB's effort to control the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“During the MCO period, only 150 workers have been given the task to work in the building, 80 workers will work outdoors such as at the grassy fields and 10 workers will handle the management of solid waste.

"While there is a need to ensure that the campus is kept clean, UPSB does not neglect the safety measures designated for its employee. Amongst the safety measures taken are reducing the number of staff at the site and only allowing staff with low-health risk to work,” she said.

In addition, Mdm. Rosimah said, to ensure the health of staff is in control, UPSB also provided protective equipment such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer as they go about their daily tasks.

According to her, the cleaning work in the building area was more focused on specific areas that were of higher risks such as the main door, door handles or knobs, iron railing of staircase, elevator buttons, water taps and toilet sink as well as main and registration counters.

She said the UPSB would like for the campus denizens to have the confidence on the level of safety and hygiene in the campus throughout the implementation of the MCO.

Meanwhile, UPSB cleaner, Mdm. Rosnasi Ban, said that during her four years of working at UUM, this year gave her a whole new working experience when she had to work while others were under the MCO directive to stay at home.

“The UPSB takes care of the well-being of its employees by providing masks and gloves, apart from reminding us to practice good hygiene during and after work.

“When I finish my work on campus, I will make sure that my home is also clean before meeting up with my children.

"First I will take a shower and wash my clothes separately in order to break the chain of spreading Covid-19 for the sake of my family's safety,” she said.

UPSB is a subsidiary of Uniutama Management Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (UMHSB) that is wholly owned by UUM.