lanjutan PKP stafUUM ONLINE: Extension of the Movement Control Order (CPP) until 14 April to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak posed no problems for the staff of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) to work from home.

Assistant Publication Officer, Mdm. Siti Samihah Mohd Zin said, she has been working from home since the implementation of MCO on 18 March.

According to her, she was all for abiding by the directive issued by the Government, as she said the move would help break the chain of COVID-19 and put a stop to the spread of the outbreak.

Hence, she said, to ensure that her work progressed smoothly and without any problems due to the announcement of MCO by the Government, she obtained permission to bring back home the computer and her unfinished tasks home to ease the completion of her work.

"In addition to adhering to the MCO directive, working from home is also a challenge for me as I have a six-month-old baby girl who constantly needs attention throughout my time at home. My dining table in the living room has become my daily workstation.

“"I hope the COVID-19 epidemic will end soon and will be able to return to work and live the normal life," she said.

Information Technology Assistant Officer, Mr Harith Hashim said he had no problems working from anywhere even from home in compliance with the Government's directive to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to him, a section of his living room at his home had been set up as a temporary workstation where it came equipped with Internet access; meanwhile the children would be in another section of the house watching television or would be in their own rooms.

"Even though I work from home, all the information from the office is easily accessible with the latest technology that enables us to interact.

"The work that I do requires me to send out instructed directives through applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and email applications, I also need to monitor and ensure that the UUM website and the websites of Centres of Authority (PTJ) are always up to date," he said.

Meanwhile, Designer, Mr Azizi Arif was of the opinion that there were advantages and disadvantages of working from home during the MCO period.

According to him, one of the advantages of work from home was that he did not have to rush to work compared to being at home.

However, he said, working from home would at times disrupt his focus on his work because of the need to accommodate the needs of his children, including problems accessing the Internet and studio equipment to ease work.

“However, all the pros and cons of working from home should not become an excuse for us to disobey the directive during the implementation of the MCO.

"I hope the campus denizens will adhere to the directives issued from time to time by the Government and the University so that we can get back to working as usual soon and break the chain of the COVID-19 outbreak," he said.