WEB MAHALEELUUM ONLINE: To become a reputable university, UUM must become 'ONE' by prioritizing quality requirements in corporate culture.

Former Chief Executive Officer of Proton Holdings Bhd., Tengku Tan Sri Dr. Mahaleel Tengku Ariff said, as an organisation it must create a culture where everyone within the organisation is seen as equals.

"Integrity and honesty are essential in a company or corporate body that is, these two qualities are the very heart beat of its strength.

"Any company must have the fundamentals namely capital, market, manpower, manufacturing skills, materials, marketing and brand in order to become a successful organisation," he said at slot 6 of the special course for UUM’s Key Office Bearers, titled , 'The Need For Quality Oriented Corporate Culture' at EDC Hotels & Resorts, recently.

However, he said quality in the organisation was also important and two things that needed to be done were to ensure that all staff were trained to serve and that the product or service designed was well tested and found to be good and relevant.

During the nearly two-hour session, he also shared his experience working at Proton before being appointed as the current Director of Tien Wah Press Holdings Berhad.

He also reminded the attendees to keep in mind that profits can be made in any business ventures including educational institutions such as UUM.

The two-day course which began on 11 February was aimed at fostering a robust and dynamic workforce among the university's key office bearers in confronting future changes and challenges.

The organisation of the Special Course for UUM Key Office Bearers 2020 was aimed at motivating all UUM Key Office Bearers to work together towards developing the University in order for it to achieve its vision and mission.