surau bas edit2UUM ONLINE: Musolla on Wheels or mobile musolla now helps make it easier for UUM students to pray in a peaceful and comfortable condition without having to wait for their turn.
Director of the Student Accommodation Centre (SAC) Mdm. Roslina Abdullah said the move was one of the initiatives carried out to resolve the problem of musollas on campus during peak hours, especially during Zohor.

"The existing musollas are unable to accommodate a large number of students at one time, so much so some students have no choice but to return to their rooms at their respective Residential Halls (INASIS) to pray before heading back to their respective lecture halls.

"Concerned with the situation faced by the students, the SAC in collaboration with UNIC Bus Company launched a mobile musolla under the auspices of Unic Care programme which has been in operation since February and the bus is located in the car park at UUM COLGIS," she said.

She said that with this mobile musolla, students would not have to rush, adding that the prayer area in it can accommodate between 15 and 17 people at one time and was open from 12:30 pm to 6pm, specifically for the use of male students only at this time.

According to her, the mobile musolla which was intended for the use of male students only was refurbished with modern features equipped with basic facilities such as prayer zone, water tanks, ablution pipes, air conditioners, slippers and prayer mats.

Meanwhile, a student of the Bachelor of Development Management programme, Mr. Wan Muhammad Arishah Wan Anuar said the mobile musolla indeed provided students with a more comfortably place for them to pray aside from saving them time to return back and forth to their respective lecture halls.

“My friends and I frequently utilize this musolla because of its proximity to the lecture hall, apart from that it helps reduce the congestion at the DKG 5 musolla because students will be in a hurry to pray before rushing to their respective classes or lectures.

"With this musolla, I can save time and energy without having to go back to INASIS because this mobile musolla is located between Cluster Lecture Hall (DKG) 6 and DKG 5," he said.

As for Mr. Wan Ahmad Shazwan Wan Rozak who is also a student of the Bachelor of Development Management programme said that the musolla on wheels provided students with the best alternative for them who were constantly faced with difficulties of finding a musolla where they can pray in peace especially when they had to rush to classes.

According to him, the facilities provided were very good and the prayer area was equipped with a comfortable air conditioner, thus attracting students to perform their prayers here.

"I hope the UUM students will make good and responsible use of the Musolla on Wheels facilities and the hustle and bustle of attending lectures should no longer hinder students from performing their prayers and achieve success in the world and the hereafter," he said.