Arduous Challenges Await The New Chairman Of The LPU In Upholding UUM’s Excellence

Arduous Challenges Await The New Chairman Of The LPU In Upholding UUM’s Excellence

UUM ONLINE: Kuala Lumpur - In line with the strides attained, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) continues to highlight its impressive achievements.

The newly appointed, Chairman of the University Board of Directors (LPU), Prof. Dato' Dr. Sudin Haron said following the streak  of good fortune in terms of achievements attained by UUM, he will indeed  face arduous challenges to ensure that UUM continues to thrive and sustain its success and excellence.

According to him, in maintaining excellence, 'worklife balance' amongst the denizens of UUM will not be forgotten in fact it will be applied and maintained.

"At the same time, I will strive to ensure that UUM's focus as an educational institution is further elevated as an institution that trains and produces graduates of high quality and integrity.

"In addition, the noble values practiced in the motto, 'KNOWLEDGE, VIRTUE , SERVICE' are better practiced in ways such as maintaining a clean environment, healthy lifestyle, avoiding material, time and energy wastage, staff health care and reducing bureaucratic red tape and protocols," he said at the UUM Chairman of the LPU Handing over of Duties Ceremony at EDC Hotel recently.

Prof. Dato' Dr. Sudin said Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir has made immense contribution to UUM for almost 3 years  beginning from May 2016 to September 2018.

He said throughout Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir’s tenure as the Chairman of the University Board of Directors, many achievements and accomplishments were achieved either nationally or internationally which enabled UUM to become a great competitor to the five Research Universities (RUs) in Malaysia.

He also expressed hope that he will receive the support and cooperation of all members of the UUM LPU, UUM’s top management team as well as all of the UUM denizens to ensure that all plans for UUM could be implemented.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani said that the contributions rendered by Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir throughout her tenure toward the development and excellence of UUM were immeasurable and deemed her  leadership to be very significant with the achievements achieved.

In his speech, on behalf of the UUM denizens, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani extended his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir, for her unparalleled commitment and contribution she made for the advancement of UUM.

He also expressed confidence that with the vast experience of the new Chairman of the LPU who was with UUM from 1989 until 2006 coupled with his experience in the corporate world, will be able to maintain and bring UUM to greater heights in accordance with UUM's aspiration of becoming the Eminent Management University.

Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir



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