UUM Denizens Urged To Achieve A Balance Between Development Of Human Capital And Ranking Of University

UUM Denizens Urged To Achieve A Balance Between Development Of Human Capital And Ranking Of University

UUM ONLINE: 29 October - The denizens of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) have been urged to utilize all possible means and increase initiatives in order to achieve a balance between the development of human capital and advancement of university rankings.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs), Prof. Dr. Yusnidah Ibrahim said that UUM has achieved exceptional results due to the efforts put in by the various Schools and Centres of Authority which have contributed to its excellent position.

However, according to her, there is still room and initiative that can be carried out to improve the ranking of the University while constantly keeping the development of human capital in check.

"Recently, the Minister of Education stated the importance of universities to look at aspects namely community involvement and human capital, in fact the Vice-Chancellor also emphasized on the efforts to 'humanize education'.

"We do not want to place ranking as a priority because there are other matters which are more important that are in line with UUM’s status as a management university but ranking remains important, so a balance must be achieved so as to ensure that UUM is not left behind compared with the other universities," she said when chairing the Presentation of Achievements for the Third Quarter (Jan-September) Strategic Plan 2018 Meeting at Senate Meeting Room, today.

She also reminded all core leaders, PTJ leaders and data suppliers to take specific steps to ensure that every report submitted is true and accurate and also called on them to constantly conduct checks on the achievements attained through the system from time to time.

The achievement of the third quarter which was presented by the Director of Institute of Quality Management I (IPQ) Prof. Dr. Nor Aziah Abd Manaf is based on the four thrusts in the Strategic Plan namely Thrust 1 (Enhancement of Graduates and Internationalization); Thrust 2 (Development of Human Capital and Talent Management); Thrust 3 (Developing Students Holistically) and Thrust 4 (Generating Wealth).

A total of 198 Performance Indicators (PI) for the third quarter were tabled and out of that total, 47 per cent of PI attained green indicators, 10 per cent attained yellow indicators, 29 per cent attained red indicators and 14 per cent attained black indicators.

Amongst other achievements presented by Prof. Dr. Nor Aziah were achievements according to thrusts based on PI, the performance of 17 schools according to PI and also emphasis on PI with the highest impact according to school.

Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir




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